Daydream Seeker

ENTRY_Daydream Seeker by Alahendra

Slowly breaking free from all their expectations, she begins to embrace her rebellious nature. Using all the strength she has, she continues to dream her life and seek her dreams.

Artwork & Poetry ©Alahendra 2016


Drowning in my thoughts

drowingi nthoughts  with signature 500 pix

My mind won’t silence, it won’t sleep.
Thoughts keep swimming in my head so deep.
I don’t know where to look and I don’t know how to swim, fighting to
stay afloat like birds against the wind.
Do I let my thoughts drown me and take me far away?
I breathe and fall deeper into my thoughts, into my own paradise today.

Artwork & Poetry ©Alahendra 2016

Free hand. Free spirit.

free hand with signature for word press

Her dancing spirit stands still today. She stares blankly at the wall. It glides towards her and claustrophobia greets her with a smile. Head bowed down she sees the white, clean paper staring blankly at her. The pen breathes. Its ink turns into black dust which longs to smother the pages of her empty book. Her imagination swells, the paper swirls into water as she dips her hand in. She begins to create. She frees her spirit again.

Artwork & Poetry ©Alahendra 2015

This concept was actually my second entry in my journal.  It stems from those moments of having a creative block. This is for one of my best friends who is a crazy talented writer.

– A

The Red Lace Lady


The Red Lace Lady tells the story
of a woman like you and me.

She believes her imperfections are perfection, yet is afraid to speak in case accused of misinterpretation.

 The lady understands that materials aren’t love and richness isn’t joy. Judgment and jealousy if preached, becomes a dangerous decoy.

She feels being a hostage to expectations is an unrewarding journey. Owning her mistakes requires strength, yet the road to self discovery is worthy.

She sees that comparison is senseless for each scar differs from woman to woman no doubt. As do body contours, personas and a woman’s chosen life route.

She knows she once was a reckless rebel, her life now bathed in wisdom. She knows she is as delicate as lace and the red fighter of freedom.

Nobody but she, knows her journey and self-worth. The Red Lace Lady tells the story, of everyday women walking this earth.

Artwork & Words ©Alahendra 2015

red lace with signature

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Thanks for looking, hope you enjoyed this piece.
– A

Ghost Ship

3 final ghost ship for s6

Ghost Ship lingers taking her guests under

Dancing through the crystal water

She comes up for a fresh breath of air

Ready to greet the newcomers again

Artwork & Words ©Alahendra 2015

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This painting is being exhibited at RQAS Gallery.

Thanks for looking,
– A

Mystery Fox

DSCN3054 2

Days are a bit like clear liquid, transparent and flowing with grace.

Then there are those days when you can’t see through, the liquid becoming a foggy polluted face.

Yet if you look deeper, you will be able to see through the liquid of mystery.

Like a fox on a hunt just hang on longer, the days will once again be your clear, colourful victory.

Artwork & Words ©Alahendra 2015

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My brother found a fox in this painting and named it ‘Mystery Fox’. I wrote these words of encouragement for him.

– A